Fran Isherwood

A wry, awry , word-playful gallop through the vagaries of life encountering mail stealing snails,  lollipop ladies, scissor happy surgeons and  tripe shops en route.

Performance poet with a comedic bent (The Doctor says it's a bit like Housemaid's Knee). I also write gags; sketches; speeches; scripts; song lyrics; factual stuff (that's a technical term) for websites, newsletters and radio features especially about music; short stories and shopping lists. I am a  well seasoned (peppered with puns) performer having trodden the boards as stand up/ fall down comic,improviser, actor & singer



Hello. Thank you for visiting.  More gigs to be added soon as well as some live clips. Available for festivals, gigs, private parties and workshops. I also undertake poetry commissions to celebrate anniversaries, weddings retirement parties etc. Enquiries via the contact button or message me on Facebook.  For schools workshops please see:

For acting enquiries please find me on

I am also available for voiceovers. Samples here: