"Best compèring I've seen at an open mic in many months" 
 Johnny Armstrong, stand-up.

"Frances Isherwood - poet/actress/comedian. Any woman who can imitate Tommy Cooper and be hilarious at the same time deserves a medal. A fresh northern breeze? More like a hurricane, Brace yourselves for the Isherwood effect" 
Andreas Grant, promoter of Beat.

"Fran Isherwood - The most natural comedienne I've met - haven't booked her because she once met Morrissey at a Party - no, not at all."
Kevin Reinhardt, promoter of Touch Me I'm Sick  and Vintage Poison events.

"Just read your poem Cobwebs and wanted to say what a fantastic and moving  piece of work it is"  
from an unsolicited email from a reader of "Poems In The Waiting Room" pamphlet , Spring 2011

 "I got your email address on “WriteOutLoud”, and I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed “Cobwebs” in Poetry In The Waiting Room. I REALLY liked it (and the poems on WOL). I will look out for any other stuff you do and keep an eye out for any other published poems you write."

John, York